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Gee began sewing as a young, pre-teen girl, watching her mom make clothes for the family on one of those old shiny, black “Made in England” Singer sewing machines. Gee is the last of the three daughters. Baptisms, Sundays, Easters, church affairs were always a time for dressing up with pride in the way you looked. And so it was later, for those proms, homecoming dances, school events, and now – her aerobics and fitness competitions.

Gee started out at about age 10 cutting her own dresses with mom putting them together. Mom always had plenty fabric and still has. Back then, Gee would cut out on the old linoleum floor of the birch-paneled den where her mother sewed, catching the southern light from a tall window. Gee learned quickly how to put together the pieces of fabric she had cut. Angie “Gee” English learned sewing from her mother as a craft and an art form. She inherited not only her mother’s athleticism, but her mom’s competitive spirit – “Babe” English was named “Senior Olympian” of 2001 after winning a battle with cancer. Gee is currently training to compete for the NPC Team Universe July 16th and 17 in New York and Fitness USA in Las Vegas for August.

Gee has been producing custom active wear for almost 25 years and has parlayed her art and her craft into a successful business in Baton Rouge where she also operates an aerobic studio. In 1992, she opened her business, Gee’s Aerobics and Activewear. She also made shorts, pants for adults, costumes for Halloween, Mardi Gras, local and regional dance-studio teams, for the cheerleaders of the New Orleans Saints and Southern University, Gold Club dancers, and LSU athletic and gymnastic teams. Her dance studio clients in group- and solo-dance recitals always win “best costumes” from the judges.

Gee keeps fit by eating healthy and teaching 16 aerobic classes weekly. Gee lives and breathes fitness and looks the way she does 365 days a year. She competes in sport aerobics with the National Aerobic Championship and for Ms. Fitness with the National Physique Committee. She has won titles, crowns and has been called on for exhibitions nationally and internationally. She makes her own competition suits and evening gowns for pageant competition. Fellow contestants marveled at her designs, her art and craftsmanship. They put in orders for themselves. Now she has a national reputation.


Gee has the innate ability to visualize colors and designs and bring them to life. Her creations will not only fit your body, but they will sing the music and dance the dance, showing off your choreography for best dramatic effect.
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