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For one-piece swimsuits you will need cup size, chest, hip and girth measurements. (See Measuring for Gees) For a bikini, add stride. A photo of yourself (side, front and back) will help to give a complete picture of your proportions, so vital to making a well-fitting suit.

Gee’s shop will serve as your fabric warehouse. You can choose from Gee’s array of four-way stretch fabrics: cotton or nylon, laces, velvets, hologram and shiny metallic sheen fabrics. Gee will apply rhinestones, gemstones that will give your swimsuit that added sparkling touch. A great selection of trim is also available. Just tell Gee what color you look best in. Or send a swatch of material in the color or combination of colors you want and Gee will send you a selection of fabric swatches to confirm your choice. Gee can make a bathing suit from a picture you send or from an old one that served you well in the past. Or you can let Gee design one for you.

Conservative or revealing, your suit will fit “Like a Glove,” one or two-piece bathing suits the design of which you’ve never seen. No matter which you choose, it will be made with four-way nylon or cotton stretch fabrics for the pool or the beach, showing off your body at its best. Envious and roving eyes will be on you when you’re wearing a swimsuit by Gee.
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